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Alfredo was a wonderful photographer. He made the whole experience easy and fun; I’m usually a bit shy in front of a camera, but Alfredo was super friendly and made me feel at ease the whole time. The photos came out great, and I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for some new shots!

Jason Q.

Alfredo is extremely easy to talk to and to work with. He is creative in his approach, and offers a tailored experience to who you are, and what you need. That's a very precious quality, really seeing somebody else. The service he provides for his clients is unmatched and he is an incredibly solid photographer.

Olgierd M.

President of Polymathy Inc.

My experience working with Alfredo was nothing short of spectacular! From beginning to end, the shoot was fun and easygoing. I felt completely relaxed and confident under his direction. I could not be happier with my photos. Will most definitely be recommending him to friends going forward!

Miranda R.

My Work Style

As a New York City based headshot / portrait photographer and high-end retoucher, I’m interested in capturing unique images you’re proud of. My approach to your photo session is not formulaic. There are plenty of photography studios out there that set up their lights and cameras a decade ago and haven’t moved them since, only to have different people cycle in front of the lens and collect their money. You know what I’m talking about.

Although it’s important for me to have a consistent look to my photography, (that’s why you are coming to me), it’s more important that your portraits and headshots are unique to you. I’ll do both.

I want you to feel at ease and for us to collaborate on our project. Your photo session isn’t something that is happening to you, the experience is something we are creating together. It’s an improv, not a script. I’m driving the car but we’ll get there together.

Your photo session won’t feel rushed through so that I can get to the next shoot. I schedule a lot of time around your creative experience. We are going to have plenty of fun and I’ll leave you wanting more. The better we make you look, the better it is for both of us.

That unique inner twinkle when your true self is revealed is what we’re after. That’s the goal, that’s what I do and that’s the you the world will meet.


Do what you love

It's unlikely that I should be here writing this About page. Years ago at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, I loathed photography class. Why did I need to learn how to develop film with toxic chemicals when all I wanted to do was paint?   

Fast forward a few years (decades) and a non art related career, my need to create has never left. I've painted, written and photographed in pursuit of artistic fulfillment.   


I use natural light to capture your portrait and headshots as you could never have imagined. My brush is now a lens. No toxic chemicals involved.   

The best image of you is always there, waiting to be seen. I love finding it!  

Let's Create Together

Thanks for reaching out! I'll reply shortly.

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